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Clandon C of E School

Clandon C of E School A caring community where all can THRIVE

    SIAMS Inspection

    In May 2023 Clandon CofE School was inspected on its effectiveness and distinctiveness as a Christian school.  This inspection is the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).

    The inspector met with pupils, staff, parents, governors and Barnaby Perkins, Rector of the Clandon churches, who talked about their experiences of Clandon School and the impact of the school's Christian vision based on the parable of the mustard seed found in Matthew Chapter 13, Verses 31-32.  This parable reminds us that the tiny mustard seed grows into a big tree.  Our small school and the small children we nurture are able to do small things with great love and know that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

    The whole school community is delighted that the SIAMS inspector found the school to be Good.

    The inspector's report notes that:

    • Clandon school is a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing community.  Central to this and at the heart of all decision-making is the distinctive Christian vision.

    • The Christian vision is firmly rooted in theology and is central to decision-making.  Leadership of the school is strong and effective partnerships with the local church and diocese have enabled the school to embed their vision.

    • Pupils articulate the vision well and describe what the parable of the mustard seed means for them.  They speak of the importance of ‘the Clandon way’ which embodies the core values of friendship, kindness, community, perseverance and thankfulness.  Pupils are proud of their school community and recognise it as a friendly and welcoming place.

    • The school is outward facing and is proactive in building strong partnerships with local networks.

    • Driven by the vision, pastoral staff are innovative and strive to work closely with families to enhance support for pupils.

    We are pleased to be able to share our SIAMS report with you.