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    In Year Admissions

    Sometimes a child may need to join a school outside the normal admissions round if, say, you move house and your child can no longer attend their current school.  Admissions to all year groups during the school year (ie apart from children joining Reception Class at the start of the academic year in September) are classed as 'In Year Admissions'.

    There are seven steps in the in year application process.

    Step 1
    Check if you can apply for in year admission
    You check if you need to apply for in year admission or if you should apply during the normal admissions round.
    Step 2
    What you need to know before applying
    You read information about in year applications.
    Step 3
    Choose the schools to apply for
    You research and choose the schools that you want to apply for.
    Step 4
    Complete the application form (see CMA form link below)
    You complete the application form online and submit it to Surrey County Council.
    Step 5
    Outcome of your application
    Your application is processed by Surrey County Council.  Surrey contacts the school to check if we can offer a place.  Surrey contacts you with the outcome within 10-15 days.
    Step 6
    Accept or decline a place
    You decide whether to accept any place offered.
    Step 7
    Adding your child to a waiting list
    If you are not offered a place your child will be added to a waiting list for a place in their year group.

    For more information on in year applications please follow this link: Surrey County Council In Year Admissions page

    To apply for an in year place at Clandon Primary School you will need to use CMA form which you can access via this link: CMA In Year Admissions form  This form must also be signed by your child's current Headteacher.

    If your application for a place is unsuccessful you have the right to appeal.  Appeals resulting from in year admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.  More information about making an appeal is available via this link:

    Surrey County Council Admissions Appeals