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Clandon C of E School

Clandon C of E School A caring community where all can THRIVE

    Christian Distinctiveness

    Children at Clandon School attend a daily act of collective worship (assembly).  Once a week Father Barnaby also visits school to conduct collective worship.

    At Harvest, Christmas and Easter children usually attend services at our local church, led by Father Barnaby.  Children take part by singing or reading and their families are invited to join these services.

    Special prayers are said in class at the start of each day, at lunchtime and at home time.  Classrooms have a prayer space where children and staff may go to pray or for quiet reflection.

    As a practical way of showing God's love we have recently introduced a "Community Larder" based on the concept of giving what you can and taking what you need. One in five children in the UK experiences food insecurity; this means that they are not sure when their next meal will be and that they often go hungry.  This is also true at Clandon; it can be as simple as a lost job, a period of illness, loss of benefits or mental health problems and suddenly providing food for the family becomes challenging.  We want to encourage our school community to pull together to ensure no child goes without meals.  From time to time life can get the better of all of us and accepting the help of friends is not weakness but bravery.  Donations of food for the larder can be dropped off at the school office.