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Clandon C of E School

Clandon C of E School A caring community where all can THRIVE

    Christian Distinctiveness

    Children at Clandon School attend a daily act of collective worship (assembly).  Once a week Father Barnaby visits school to conduct collective worship.

    At Harvest, Christmas and Easter children usually attend services at our local church, led by Father Barnaby.  Children take part by singing or reading and their families are invited to join these services.

    Special prayers are said in class at the start of each day, at lunchtime and at home time.  Classrooms have a prayer space where children and staff may go to pray or for quiet reflection.

    Clandon School's Christian Values: 

    Friendship * Peace * Wisdom * Forgiveness * Humility * Trust

    Reverence * Compassion * Service * Hope * Justice * Endurance

    Each half-term has a specific Christian value which is the focus for collective worship and for prayer space activities.  The value for this half term is Service.

    Clandon School has a Faith Council made up of two pupils from each year group,  It meets regularly under the guidance of Miss Linington, the school's RE Coordinator, and occasionally leads Collective Worship for the whole school.

    The role of the Faith Council is to help promote Christian Distinctiveness at Clandon School; ie the ways the school's Christian ethos distinguish it from a non-Christian school.  Pupils ensure that the Christian value for each half term is displayed around the school.

    The Faith Council is currently developing prayer spaces in each classroom, monitoring displays of their class responses to questions arising from each half term's Christian value and collective worships.  The Faith Council has recently led a collective worship introducing prayer spaces to the whole school.  You can open the link for more information on the Faith Council's prayer space assembly.

    Shortly before Christmas the Faith Council led collective worship to introduce the new Mindfulness Bench to the whole school.  The bench is in memory of our friend and teaching assistant, Mrs Yolaine de Carné Parsons.  Mrs de Carné Parsons practised ‘mindfulness’ herself and the bench will provide all members of the school community with a quiet place where they can be mindful of their own thoughts and feelings as well as the amazing world around them.

    The Faith Council finished their assembly with the following prayer, "Thank you God for our teaching assistant Mrs de Carné Parsons who worked at our school and through practising and teaching mindfulness helped to bring peace to our school community. May we too have peaceful thoughts, peaceful words and peaceful actions in our school, in our homes and throughout our lives.  Amen."

    The bench is located in the wildlife area behind Homelodge.  The Faith Council recently led collective worship introducing how it can be used by the whole school community.  Some suggested activities are shown in the Powerpoint from the collective worship below.