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Clandon C of E School

Clandon C of E School A caring community where all can THRIVE

    British Values at Clandon School


    Making decisions together:

    • We have a say in what happens through School Council, student surveys
    INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY Freedom for all:
    • We make our own choices and understand the rewards or consequences of our own actions
    THE RULE OF LAW Understand why rules are important:
    • We develop fair rules through our class rules
    • We understand that rules at Clandon are developed to help us learn better and keep us safe
    MUTUAL RESPECT Treat others as you would want to be treated:
    • We work together to help one another
    • We respect each other’s physical space
    • We respect each other’s contributions to discussions
    • We support the learning of our peers
    TOLERANCE AND RESPECT OF OPINIONS AND DIVERSITY We enjoy learning about different faiths and cultures
    • We listen carefully to other people’s points of view
    • We investigate traditions, customs and religious practices and how they strengthen the mixed community/society we live in
    • We discuss how diversity makes us what we are today