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Clandon C of E School

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    Remote Education Provision

    Please see below an information sheet from Mrs Voller outlining Clandon and Shere Schools' Remote Learning Offer.

    During the January 2021 national lockdown, Clandon School is providing remote education to children at home.  This is delivered using the Oak National Academy as well as teachers delivering lessons to their class online using Microsoft Teams.

    Children at home follow the same curriculum as vulnerable and keyworker children who are attending school.  Completed work is uploaded using Seesaw to be marked by the class teacher.

    Online learning attendance is monitored by teachers to check participation by children learning at home.  Parents will be contacted if their child does not join online lessons or submit work via Seesaw.

    Outside lockdown, any children who need to self-isolate will receive a Parentmail to their parent containing work set via Oak National Academy.  Completed work is uploaded using Seesaw so it can be marked by the class teacher.

    Please visit your child's class page for information about remote learning for their class.  This information was also sent to all families by Parentmail on 5th January, along with information about how to join online lessons.

    General guidance for online learning


    Attendance at remote learning sessions should be viewed in the same way as actual attendance at school, your child is expected to be at each session on time and to engage in the session.  There is a similar system in place for non-attendance at remote sessions, that could ultimately result in referral to the Inclusion Service.  Therefore, if your child is unable to attend a session for any reason (this could be illness or a medical appointment) you must let the school office know. 

    Behaviour and Attitudes

    Children are expected to be ready for learning when they join live sessions.  This means they should be dressed appropriately; this need not be school uniform but should not be pyjamas.  This also applies to others in the household who could be seen on camera. 

    Children will ideally be sitting where they can focus on the lesson.  We understand each household is different but an ideal set up would see the child sat at a desk or table, the television should be switched off and other distractions kept to a minimum.  

    We understand children at home seem to need a snack every ten minutes but please try to avoid giving them snacks during live lessons as this is distracting for your child and makes everyone else ‘need’ a snack!  

    Children are expected to engage in the lesson and behave well.  Parents and carers are asked to encourage this. 

    Parental Help

    Remote learning is a new adventure for all of us.  We really appreciate so many of you who support your child with their learning.  It is important to find the right balance of support and independence for your child and you will find this, in time.  However, completing your child’s work for them is not helpful and will not support their progress.  We understand the urge to help your child complete a perfect piece of work, but learning is about making mistakes so please allow this process to happen naturally.  

    By the way, we can hear you when you whisper the answer 😊  


    Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Assistants are spending much time after school responding to children’s work with written comments.  While these are lovely to receive we need to ensure what we are asking of our team is sustainable.  Teachers will therefore provide feedback in several different ways; verbal feedback in live lessons, green ticks via SeeSaw and some written feedback on some pieces of work, in line with our remote learning offer.  

    Recording of Sessions

    Where an online session is hosted by one adult with a class or small group of children the session will be recorded.  The school will retain these recordings until the end of this academic year.