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Clandon School

Clandon School Learning for life

    Pastoral Care

    Clandon School is a caring, Christian community.  Our values are built on mutual trust and respect for all and our primary aim is that every member of the school community feels valued and respected.

    To help children develop our Clandon qualities of Care, Courage and Creativity we focus on six core Christian values: 

    Respect Friendship Perseverance Responsibility Peace Hope

    Each of these values provides the focus for learning and assemblies each half term throughout the school year.  Please go to the 'Values Based Education' page on the left to learn more about Clandon School's values.

    At Clandon children benefit from a happy, secure, nurturing environment enabling them to flourish and develop socially, emotionally and spiritually as well as academically. 

    As a small school we have a ‘family’ feel where all the adults know all the children and vice-versa.  Our pupils enjoy school and feel safe because they know an adult is always on hand to sort out occasional problems and help with their learning.

    The school has a set of simple rules, called the ‘Clandon Code’.  This is displayed in the main hall and each classroom.  Every pupil knows the standard of behaviour expected.  If there are incidents of unwanted behaviour, these may be discussed in class during circle time, in assembly and sanctions may be applied.

    To encourage our pupils to become enthusiastic, independent learners and positive, responsible members of our school community we praise and reward them in a variety of ways. 

    Children are commended for:

    • good work
    • good behaviour
    • outstanding effort
    • acts of kindness
    • demonstrating care, courage or creativity

    Children are rewarded in the following ways:

    • Each day in the classroom teachers praise and congratulate pupils for good learning.
    • Our weekly Celebration Assembly provides an opportunity for selected pupils to share their good work and learning skills.
    • From time to time, children who have made a notable achievement in class visit the Head Teacher.  They write their name in the achievements book and are rewarded with a special Head Teacher's Award sticker.

    Star award for good learning skills

    Award for good work and achievement


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    Colin the crocodile’s ‘It’s cool to be in school’ class award for attendance

    Headteacher’s award

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